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What We Do?

Infoservice is an agile, solution-driven software development company. What's that mean? We solve problems quickly and efficiently while being as much fun as software folks can be. We know it's not about the software - and that's what makes us different.

It's about solving business problems.

Our team is made up of innovative thinkers with highly unique and specialized skills. We are experts in critical thinking, allowing us to adapt in real-time to rapidly changing research and learning platforms. Our diverse staff includes MDs, PhDs in computer science with an emphasis on corporate learning, university professors, game design experts/theorists, computer scientists and psychologists. When their skills and knowledge amalgamate into one cohesive unit, Infoservice is born.

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  • Web Development

    Range of services including the development of most complex solutions from "scratch", modifying at different levels of functionality, full system support, optimization and modernization.

  • IOS

    Our highly skilled iOS team will create a native iOS client for you web solution

  • Android

    Android development team is ready to create mobile apps for you

  • Information Systems

    Creation of information systems of high complexity that are focused on the accumulation, storage, processing, transformation, and monitoring of various kinds of data. Develop a convenient intuitive UI and modern design based on requirements, usability experts and designers.

  • ECommerce

    E-shops creation, integration with the delivery services, storage systems, payment gateway integration. Integration with ERM and CRM systems, e-commerce applications migration to a new platform, support and maintenance of electronic and mobile sales, social commerce.


Event set up and management solution. Includes admin part to create sessions, define event details, guides, maps; invite attendees. Also has presentation web site for attendees where they can consult events agenda and personal scheduler, send-receive messages to other attendees in real time, schedule meet-ups and receive all detailed information about event location. Has deep linkedin social network integration.

Business Institute Learning system

Learning Management System (LMS), created for an enterprise to increase skills level and help in career development for its employees. Stores various learning activities like digital printings, interactive e-books, SCORM content, interactive presentations. Allows learners to create their own Learning Plan, populate it with activities interested. LMS tracks activities progress and offers small quiz upon accomplishing each part of Learning Plan

Kapture Connect

Email marketing solution capable of maintaining as many as large contacts list per user as needed. Performs email delivery, analyzes NDR, allows setting up automated email marketing campaign for specific date. Provides built-in templates and supports custom. Powerful and flexible reporting engine.

Promotional Programs Content Manager

System stores possible content that can be used in enterprise promotional programs as a set of presentation decks. For each specific program speaker in advance can assemble their own presentation from the list of decks available to them and appropriate to program subject. System supports various business rules that prevent adding two non-compatible cases or including all required cases, present materials in a specific order, not being able to omit some required facts and so on. Result can be obtained as either MS Power Point file, or HTML5 presentation or be accessible on iPad thin client for immediate presenting to an audience.


Crowd safety modeling system. Analyzes crowd's movements during:
  • During famous events or holidays
  • Evacuation in case of fire or terrorist activities etc
  • In regular life, on the streets, offices, trade centers etc
  • Analyze communications and locate most optimal routes
  • Determinate how each part of the building/office/sidewalk will be crowded during the event at each specific time
  • Turnstiles capacity

Online Stores

A set if online stores with ecommerce created for various customers based on shopify. Besides store web sites, included integration with customer’s goods management solution and with delivery services.


Solution that connects various online e-commerce site providers (Amazon, Shopify, eBuy etc) with delivery services (FedEx, UPS, USPS). Allows loading all sales from the store, and generate shipping label for an order and purchase receipt.


Project is a point of sale system intended to be used by hundreds of separate franchises at the same time. Solution includes sale data entry, CRM, billing system and reporting.


Upload, send and share more with Attachmore. Share photos, videos, documents, recordings and other large files with family, friends and associates. Send all these files simply through your email, instant messages or social networking sites.

Educational Programs Management Portal

Web site intended to help organizers of promotional speaker programs in planning the program and reporting results. Shows calendar, allows seeing program and venue details, registering new attendees and collect attendees signature. Also provides UI for a speaker, holds speaker’s presentation, allows navigating through it, collecting answers to questions etc.

Hospital Admissions

Hospital management product with all required features to run a hospital smoothly and hassle free.

Features include:
  • accounting management
  • appointments management
  • billing and invoicing
  • in-patient and out-patient management
  • patient records management
  • revenue management


Local Buoys is a weather, tide, and buoy resource application designed specifically for sea anglers, surfers, commercial fisherman, and boaters. Local Buoys customizes the organization of data provided by NOAA in a way that is efficient and useful to the end user. Including buoy, tide, marine forecast data, along with weather and moon phases. Local Spot Check enables user to preset locations which they frequent or travel to. Data can be organized and edited with multiple buoy, tide, and marine forecast locations under one specific named location.


Social network portal designed for persons who have business ideas and would like to discuss those with other people, find business partners, find funds or grant funds to some idea. Has all common social network features like links, messages, achievements, news, notifications etc.


Portal for real estate agency allows managing registered properties and advertise them online. Supports multiple real estate agents working separately and reporting to main agency.

eCommerce sites engine

Framework to easily create online store site, has all common online store features. Successfully implemented and used by two companies.

City Track

Vehicle position and speed monitoring system using GPS tracker installed. Allows registering and managing vehicles, routes, route schedules. Reports if some specific route has schedule met and if some vehicle did not met a schedule assigned to it. System was successfully installed for monitoring city service transport and public transportations in Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine.


  • MS

    Microsoft technologies expertise

  • WEB

    Web & Ria development expertise


    Mobile solutions expertise

  • DB

    Database development expertise

  • B2B

    B2B solutions expertise


    Adobe technologies expertise

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InfoService Notes & Skills

It's Your Style!

No two engagements are ever the same. Different technologies, different cultures and different constraints will all drive how the delivery process works. With 10 years' experience engaging with organisations in many different scenarios, we have the ability to adapt our model to partner successfully with your business.

Clean Code

Even bad code can function. But if code isn't clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees. Every year, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written code. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Detailed Documentation

When we build software, we leave nothing to chance. We don't assume; we ask, understand and articulate into an exact plan. We ensure that you’re getting exactly what you expected and agreed to.


  • Data layer

    MS SQL Server, MongoDB, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL

  • Business layer

    MS .NET Framework, C#, LINQ

  • Web service

    WCF, RESTful, SOAP

  • Cloud technologies

    Windows Azure, AWS

  • Front-end

    HTML5+CSS3, AngularJS, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, jQuery, JavaScript

  • Business intelligence

    MS SQL Server Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services, Queues

What Clients Says?

"Infoservice has worked with me for the last 7 years on some of the most complex modelling and simulation projects relating to safety critical systems and risk assessment analysis tools. I've found the team to be highly responsive, clear and prompt in their delivery, and always delivery exactly (and often more) than expected. I would have no hesitation of recommending Infoservice to any company/organisation who would engage with this dynamic software development company."

----------    Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still FIMA, G4S Professor of Crowd Sciences

"Infoservice make my ideas reality and they do so efficiently. Infoservice will deliver the best possible solution and the best possible price. I don't have to micro manage them to make sure I am cost effectively achieving my development goals."

----------    Brent Young CEO\Founder
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Contact Us

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